Hello Groovers,

My PC's been down for a few months... I was doing some graphics work for The Rafael Tranquilino Band & shortly after...the start-up no longer starts up.

I have maaaannnnyyyyy projects to review, a new logo to create for this blog, and some organizing to organize. Please bear with me, 2015 will be a groovy one for NWGroove!

My artwork will resume shortly, also: http://www.facebook.com/tssillustrations -- as seen on The Randy Oxford Band's "...it feels good..."  last year & will be on the upcoming Jada Amy release, "Sunny Grey". (And hopefully still on Polly O'Keary's "Witch Hazel".) My page also shows examples of portraits & other artwork. My services are available. Support Local!

Keep on groovin' on,

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    TSSutherland is a lover of music that thumps, bumps, rocks & wails! An avid believer in supporting local arts, this page will feature reviews of NW Blues, Rock & Funk.


    January 2014