Hello Groovers,

I'm in the process of listening to "Rock 'N Soul" by LeRoy Bell & His Only Friends and haven't had a chance to finish. My commute to work & back is...about 8 songs and I am 2 songs shy of being finished. Granted...I have known LeRoy for a number of years and know most of his "Only Friends" era songs, but I want to give the disc a fair listening and not just write based on my experiences of hearing the songs live.

Perhaps tomorrow, but definitely this weekend. I've not set out to definitely write this on a daily basis with a review each and every day...I just don't have enough CDs for that yet. HOWEVER, if you are an artist and would like to be reviewed, you may contact me here or at nwgroove@yahoo.com and we'll see what we can arrange to get your music reviewed & posted!

Thanks everyone, I hope you've enjoyed the first reviews! Your comments are always welcome!

~ TSSutherland

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    January 2014