This blog was born out of a desire to review and share Northwest Blues, Rock & Funk with those who appreciate local music and those possibly seeking new music they'd maybe never heard before. Many of the artists that will appear on this page are (for the most part) "unsigned" or "independent" -- which is not to imply that they are sub-par!

It should be noted that the above listed styles are not set in stone, but are a general guide to let people know this is not a page talking about hip-hop, grind-core, sugar-pop, or things that are generally not associated with Blues, Rock & Funk. Variations of the 3 styles are always welcome!

Examples of what you will find on here are:
The Randy Oxford Band
Polly O'Keary & the Rhythm Method
The Chris Eger Band
LeRoy Bell & His Only Friends
Bump Kitchen
Screams of Angels

So yeah...some wide variations of NW Blues, Rock & Funk!

While I can't promise not to slip in some cheesy humor in my reviews once in a while, I do promise to offer insightful commentaries and links to the artists' websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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    TSSutherland is a lover of music that thumps, bumps, rocks & wails! An avid believer in supporting local arts, this page will feature reviews of NW Blues, Rock & Funk.


    January 2014