I love my job! I've only been at this blog for a couple weeks and things are taking shape! I plan on getting an official dot com pretty soon here!

In the next week or so I will be including reviews of Blacktop Deceiver "Monster on the Street" (which I just received in the mail today!) and the 7-song "demo"/self-recorded CD from Black River Blues that they let me take home for review when Maria & I checked them out last weekend at the Port Gardner Bay Winery!

Coming up on February 17, The Randy Oxford Band will be playing at 3231 Creatives in Everett, WA, for Mighty Mouth Blues and MMB will be talking with me a little on-air! Not entirely sure what about, but I'm stoked! Having worked with Randy & Co on their CD cover, as well as reviewing them on NW Groove, it's like a homecoming of sorts!

If you have a CD you'd like reviewed (variations of blues, rock & funk), please contact me! I look forward to getting the word out for you!

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